March 2012
Newington Green Unitarian Church Rooms
Newington Green, London N16

Set in Victorian school rooms attached to the historic Unitarian Church in Stoke Newington. This is London's oldest non-conformist place of worship still in use, founded in 1708, and attended at one time by Mary Wollstonecraft.  

In our group show we chose the theme 'Remake', to be used in whatever way that led each of us.  I ended up exploring our beliefs in life after death.  I'm interested in what beliefs are, how we perceive them, and what control we think we have over them. Whether there is 'Life after Death' seems to me the ultimate belief, both because it follows our last act on earth, and also because it is one that there is no proof for or against, and therefore generally unsullied by logical argument.   

I invited people to send their ideas in anonymously using an online form, and about 100 did so; the numbers are meaningless: they were chosen randomly by people as a way to give the individual pieces an identity of sorts.   

Some of the responses are shown here.